Living For Today

Living For Today

"As you walk and eat and travel be where you are.  Otherwise you will miss most of your life." - Buddha




Living For Today


Experiences of life can sometimes take us out of our present experience and we begin to live completely in our head, worried about the future, or remorseful about the past.  Living in the present moment with gratitude, which is the only time that actually exists, is completely being ignored because the mind is everywhere but present.


In living for today we begin the practice of living life with gratitude and in the present and move away from a life living in feelings and emotional thinking.  


Even if we do look back at yesterday and label it a failure we can plan to make a better choice for today. We may falter from our plan tomorrow, who knows?  But for today we can be grateful, honest, open, and willing to make the best choices for us right now. 


No matter what our past regrets or anxiety regarding our future, the moment we live in is completely manageable.  In this moment we can avoid the temptations of old habits and ignore their provocation.




Get out of our head and work from our heart, transformation begins.

When we get out of our head and begin to believe in our heart, transformation begins. We make a declaration of what we are becoming in our transformation, like a vision board.  What are you becoming?


Complete the statement, "I am becoming ___________".


"We believe that change is inevitable even when we attempt to withstand from it.  In those moments of resistance, we are becoming - regardless, simply by fighting against what we could be.  Transformation begins in us.  We are the change." 












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