MIND Matters

We are discovering how we have created unhealthy relationships with certain patterns of thinking. We learn how to identify the queues that trigger our routine behaviors.  We discuss ways to change old habits routines into new healthier routines.

We start with gratitude.  Gratitude begins to fill the voids in our lives that we often use food to fill.  Gratitude allows episodes of refrain from overeating while we begin our journey with, "Steps & Keys".

We discuss "Steps & Keys" designed to examine our reasons for overeating.  We begin to peel back the layers or self-protection we've built up and examine our true intentions and negative characteristics. We explore our true identity outside of our food addictions. 

Through personal inventory we gain a better awareness of "self": current life issues, patterns of thinking, and ways of living that have been detrimental to a happy healthy lifestyle.





Our Plan



FOOD Freedom



BODY Basics












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