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Instant Pot


"I'm a plant-based eater so I prepare a lot of legumes: black beans, pinto beans, chick peas, lentils, etc.  The Instant Pot makes quick work of these usually time consuming foods.  I like to use my extra stainless steal liner and lid to soak legumes for a few hours, rinse, then cook.  I also cook 5lbs of yellow potatoes at a time and put them into plastic storage bags in the fridge.  Lastly a staple at my house is soy yogurt which I also make in the Instant Pot.  I put the soy yogurt mixture into quart sized jars, place into pot, and press the yogurt button - it's that simple!" - Steve C.


Instant Pot




Instant Pot

Extra Liner




Instant Pot

Liner Lid







Create tasty sauces, grind your own grains, indulge in frozen fruit smoothie!

Many other uses, the Vitamix is a favorite of many kitchens.







Blade Scraper





Dry Mix/Grind





Other Favorites


Here are some of our other favorites.  The auto-dispense hand sanitizer is great for the kitchen or bath.  In the kitchen you can wash your hands without having to touch anything to get soap.  You could fill a second one with vegetable wash or even dish soap!


A grinder dedicated to herbs, seeds, small batches of grains is a must-have in our kitchen.  I like this particular grinder because the blades come out easily for quick cleaning.


No Touch

Soap Dispenser




Small Portion





Glass Meal Containers




Storage Bag







Vegan Protein




B12 Supplement




Cacao Nibs




Vital Wheat Gluten




Nutritional Yeast




Vegan Yogurt Starter







Books & Other Literature


The Alternative Twelve Steps




Beyond Belief




Salt, Sugar, Fat




Thin From Within













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