Who We Are


We are a support group for anyone wanting recovery from overeating.  We recognize there are many varying spectrums of eating disorders and all are welcome here! 


We are on a journey to a better version of ourselves, to live happier and healthier for today.  We are grateful in all things, we practice living for today, we examine our true motivations and work toward eliminating negative behaviors.  We practice working a perfectly imperfect plan for our lives. 


When we get derailed or lost we don't quit, we don't start over, reset and continue forward.


FORWARD RESET,  please join us!




Accountability & Support


We commit to a food plan for accountability.  We don't think of our food plan as punishment, instead we are grateful for it's suggested limitations as it helps us to eliminate poor eating habits and promote healthy eating.


We engage in active continuing support where two or more like-minded individuals gather together for sharing.



Our Relationship With Food


We explore our relationship with food and overeating even when it becomes uncomfortable or personal.  We recognize that for many of us, shame has eroded at our true identity; we are a person not an addiction.  We focus on rebuilding, reinventing, and reemergence of our true self.



Eat Healthier


We use education and tracking to focus on healthier food choices.  No foods are off-limits and no foods are bad.  We recognize that some foods fuel our bodies in healthy ways while others do not and because of this difference we choose to limit and/or eliminate, when possible, foods that do not promote health.



Move More


We begin to move more today than yesterday.  We recognize that moving our bodies promotes better mental and physical wellbeing.  We do not set expectations but do encourage goals.  Exercise is not a punishment but rather a tool for a happier and healthier lifestyle.












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